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 PUCHKA Peru Workshop Tour

"I don't believe in charity: I believe in solidarity. Charity is vertical, so it is humiliating. It goes from top to bottom. Solidarity is horizontal. It respects the other and learns from the other." - Eduardo Galeano - Uruguayan writer.

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Sasha with
SAYWA and Damaris

Inspired by her own experiences of Perú, PUCHKA Folk Art/Textiles/Market Tours was founded by tapestry weaver, textile designer and Fair/Ethical Trade advocate Sasha McInnes. Sasha was raised in Perú and as a young woman, she learned to spin, dye and weave in a number of textile villages in the Andes.  Since the founding of PUCHKA in 1997, Sasha has been dedicated to offering itineraries that inspire and build bridges between tour participants from abroad and their counterparts in Perú.




*PUCHKA/PUSHKA are the Quechua words for a drop spindle in the Andes. There are others, depending on the region of the country.


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